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Dispatch ETA Profile Builder for Co and Tech

Using your high access JaRay login information, when you log-in with your Company's Dispatch ETA link, you will be able to edit all the Company and Technician profiles. All the Technicians automatically copy over from JaRay to make the process easier. While you're adding your Company information you will see a live preview of what the Customer will see. There is a place for your custom logo, a sound clip that will play for the Customer when the Tech arrives, the Company name, email address, and office phone number. If your Company has a Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Yelp account, those links can be added. There's also an area for videos, coupons, and special text thanking or promoting your Company.
When you upload your Technician's profile photo, it will automatically update the photo in JaRay as well. There are different options for displaying the Tech's full name, first name, or first name and the first letter of the last name. A photo of your Tech helps the customer feel safe knowing who is coming to your home. You can also add qualifications, like professionally trained and/or certified, as well as any special interests the Tech has that may help "break the ice."